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The 3 Most Important Aspects of Testing and Measuring

Posted by Marcus Kroek on 21 February 2014
1.  Testing and measuring is nothing new.  You've probably been doing it all your business life.  Remember the newspaper advertising you tried that 'didn't work', and the radio spots that 'did OK'.  That's all testing is. It's about finding out what produces results and what doesn't, then making decisions based on that.
2.  You MUST start asking people where they found out about you.  If you don't, you'll be in the dark forever.  You may keep running an ad that never brings a sale, and accidentally kills a good one.  Customers usually come from so many sources, it's impossible to judge how an ad is working on sales alone.  Perhaps you got more referrals that week, or there was a festival in town.  Every time someone buys, ask them this question - 'By the way, can I just ask where you heard about my business'.  No-one, and I mean no-one will have any problem telling you. (Actually, there is a far more high powered customer centred question to ask your customer. Email me to find out what that question is.)
3.  Be vigilant and disciplined.  You can't test & measure half the time - you must do it every hour of every day.  It's not difficult - just remember to mark down a record after every customer interaction.  And make sure any employees do the same - stress the importance of it and absolutely DEMAND that they do.  Also, tell them it's essential that they are honest.
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