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How to STOP Wasting Money on Marketing

Posted by Marcus Kroek on 20 February 2014
If you don't know where your customers come from, you're really stabbing around in the dark.
You have no real idea which marketing campaigns are working, how well your salespeople are doing or even how much each sale is 'costing you'.
Once you know these things, you have the power to make decisions, and good ones.  You know which marketing campaigns to kill, or improve, and which to spend more money on.
You'll also know where your 'key leverage point is' - that is, the thing that you most need to improve.  Perhaps your conversion rate is high but your leads are few - maybe it's the other way around.  Maybe you're doing well in both lead generation and conversion, but you're not selling enough high priced items.
Once you know which area needs work, you can start to make some new, well-informed marketing decisions.
Marcus KroekAuthor: Marcus Kroek
About: Marcus Kroek owns and operates a Business and Executive Coaching Practice which works with business owners and executives to implement the principles of business in their business. His success with businesses lead to him being awarded Coach of the Year and Best Client Results from over 300 coaches in the Asia Pacific Region.
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